Berkeley Demography Brown Bag Talks

Demography Brown Bag seminars are held in the Fall and Spring semesters. They take place in the Demography Department seminar room at 2232 Piedmont Avenue, on (most) Wednesdays from 12:10 to 1:00, although the discussion often continues for a few minutes past 1:00. Please try to arrive before 12:10 so that we can start promptly at the scheduled time. Papers are occasionally available in advance. Regular and decaffeinated coffee, hot water for tea, and cookies are provided for refreshment.

Administrative inquiries, including requests to be added to the department's "Brown Bag Announcements List",  may be addressed to the Demography Office at (510) 642-9800, or to monique(at)  If you would like to ask about presenting a seminar yourself, or have suggestions for other potential speakers, please contact Josh Goldstein at josh(at)

Video recordings of past presentations can be viewed at, and on the home page of this website. Demography Brown Bag Talks receive support from the Berkeley Population Center, the Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging, and the Department of Demography.

Fall Semester 2018

September 5          
Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, UC Berkeley, Demography and Sociology: How We Count: Why Quantitative Social Science Matters

September 12       
Daniel Schneider, UC Berkeley, Sociology: Unstable and Unpredictable Work Schedules in Retail: Effects on Wellbeing and What to do About it

September 26        
(RESCHEDULED for May 1, 2019) Kevin Thomas, Penn State, Sociology: Foreign Student Emigration to the United States: Pathways of Entry, Demographic Antecedents, and Origin-Country Contexts

October 10             
Sarah Reynolds, UC Berkeley, School of Public Health: Household Composition and Child Outcomes in Peru: A Longitudinal Study

October 17             
Joshua Goldstein, UC Berkeley, Demography: Immigrants live longer, but why also do their children? New results from the CenSoc project

October 31            
Sarah Tom, Columbia University, School of Public Health: Early Life Environment and Later Life Cognition, Dementia Onset, and Neuropathology

November 7          
Torkild Lyngstad, University of Oslo, Geography: Ethnic Neighborhood Segregation and Residential Mobility Dynamics in Norway, 1993–2013

November 14       
Dennis Feehan, UC Berkeley, Demography: Using Social Networks to Estimate Adult Mortality

December 5          
Irene Bloemraad,  UC Berkeley, Sociology: The Limits of Rights: Claims-making on Behalf of Immigrants