Please read the instructions and the eligibility criteria below. Assemble your documents first, and then proceed to the application form.

Click on this link to apply.

The Application Content

•A Transcript (unofficial is acceptable).

•A Personal Statement of up to 750 words. Please describe your motivation for being accepted to Cal-ADAR. Be sure to include how and why you became interested in research, and how Cal-ADAR will fit with your career goals, to the extent you have a vision for them.

•A Resume

•A Letter of Recommendation from a professor or Nomination to Cal-ADAR. Request that your letters of recommendation be sent to, or by mail to Cal-ADAR, Dr. Leora Lawton, Dept of Demography, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-2120. If you have been nominated for Cal-ADAR, please include documentation of this in your application package.

Important: Please create a single document that contains your statement, transcript and resume, either as a Word document or a PDF. Please give it a title with your last name, first initial, i.e., LASTNAMEF_application-materials. 

For the Fall 2019 cohort, we will begin reviewing applications on May 8, 2019.  We will accept them through August 15 for the fall semester, and January 15 for the spring semester.