Centers and academic departments engaged in the population sciences at UC Berkeley create and manage various programs.  Some are dedicated primarily to training the next generation of population scientists; others have the mission of developing and translating academic research on the implications of demographic changes for economies and societies into practical insights for the public and private sectors.

Currently active programs include:

Cal-ADAR, sponsored by the Berkeley Population Center, is a program funded by the National Institutes on Aging (R25AG047948) designed to give underrepresented students a chance to experience research as undergraduates while studying demography of aging.  Cal-ADAR offers participants many ways to experience demography of aging research through courses, paid internships, mentoring, and much more.   

Workshops in Formal Demography, sponsored by the Berkeley Population Center, and funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (R25HD083136), is an annual weeklong summer workshop for training in formal demographic methods and applications, for advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early career researchers. The Workshop consists of three days of training followed by a two-day conference, with presentations by leading demographers.  Topics change each year.  

The Berkeley Forum on Aging and the Global Economy, or Berkeley-AGE, is a new CEDA program getting underway in Fall 2106, dedicated to sharing findings and fostering dialogue between academic researchers and the public and private sectors, on the economic consequences of aging.