CEDA Pilots: Project List

CEDA encourages and supports small research projects by investigators exploring "risky" or innovative lines of research with the promise of growing into major new lines of inquiry.  Below is a list of all pilots funded since the inception of CEDA in 1995.


  • Hoynes, H.  The Effects of Employment Incentives and Cash Transfers on Adult Mortality: Evidence from the Long Run Effects of Welfare Reform Experiments
  • Cardenas, A.   Resilient Epigenomes: DNA Methylation Signatures of “Blue-Zone” Residents
  • Hsu, M.  Memory-based choices and its Neural Substrates


  • Carey, J. Lineage and Longevity
  • Child, S. Use of Redirected Inbound Call Sampling for Increasing Access to Research Participation among Black Americans
  • Donehower, C. Integrating care, age, and health: a database for hypothesis testing and generation
  • Eisen, E. Deaths of Despair and Job Loss in a Cohort of Autoworkers
  • Lawton, L. Assessing Relationships Between Social Networks and Well-being
  • Schneider, D.  Job loss and health among U.S. manufacturers: using Facebook to augment existing data sources


  • Dow, W. Health and Aging in Cuba
  • Goldstein, J.  Towards a new, public data set for studying mortality inequality: Matching the 1940 U.S. Census with Social Security death records, 1963-2011.
  • Jagust, W. The Influence of Aging on Neural Systems Mediating Behavioral Responses to Financial Rewards
  • Kariv, S. Predicting Elderly Health Behaviors and Outcomes Using Decision-making Quality and Risk Attitudes


  • Goldstein, J., Edwards, R.; Rosero-Bixby, L.  Hispanic Names, Acculturation, and Health
  • Kolstad J., Handel, B. Preventive Care Utilization and Health Effects of Physician Incentives and Information
  • Lee, R., Edwards, R. The Socioeconomic Gradient in US Age-Related Transfers, Health and Mortality
  • Barbieri, M., Glei, D. Beyond the HMD:  Developing a Mortality Database for the Rest of the World


  • Gelber, Alex. The Effect of Social Security Benefits on Retirement: Evidence from the Notch Cohorts
  • DellaVigna, Stefano. Expert Forecasts: An Exploration on Health and Aging Experiments
  • Johnson, Rucker. Interlocking Pathways of Mobility from Education to Adult Health
  • Rosero-Bixby, Luis.  Population aging and socioeconomic inequality in selected Latin American countries
  • Carey, James. Aging in Wild Drosophila Fruitfly Populations
  • Hsu, Ming.  Tracking Decision-Making Capacities Across the Lifespan: New experimental approaches


  • Dow, William.  Epigenetic Characteristics of the High Longevity Nicoyan Population of Costa Rica
  • Barbieri, Magali and Zagheni, Emilio. Empirical Bayes Approaches for Imperfect Human Mortality Data
  • Malmendier, Ulrike. Experiences and Expectations
  • Wachter, Ken. Alleles Affecting Longevity as a Genome-Wide Statistical Ensemble


  • Hsu, Ming. Decline in monoamine turnover and its effects on decision-making in older adults
  • Kariv, Shachar. The quality of the economic decision-making of the elderly: A Combined Survey and Field experiment
  • Moore, Don. Overconfidence Over the Lifespan
  • Rabin, Matthew. Finding Out What People Believe:  phase 2


  • Carey, James.  Drosophilia monitoring system
  • Riley, Lee.  Measuring Social Networks by Genotyping Individual Microbiomes
  • Wachter, Kenneth.  Genetic Markers in the Health and Retirement Study:  Risk Aversion, Height, and Health


  • Hsu, Ming.  Lesion Models of Social Decision-making Deficits
  • Rabin, Matthew.  Finding Out What People Believe:  phase 1
  • Wachter, Kenneth.  Genetic Markers in the Health and Retirement Study:  Risk Aversion, Height, and Health


  • Anderson, Michael.  The Effects of Long-term Exposure to Air Pollution on Mortality
  • Bailey, Martha.  Neighborhood Health Centers and Use of Preventative Care under the War on Poverty
  • Dow, Will; White, Justin.  Using Group Commitment to Promote Smoking Cessation in Thailand
  • Kariv, Shachar.  The Consistency and Heterogeneity of Individual Behavior under Uncertainty:  A Combined Survey and Field Experiment
  • Silverman, Dan.  An Audit Study of the Determinants of Reemployment Among Older Workers
  • Wilmoth, John.  Mortality Trends by State in the U.S.


  • Dow, Will.  Longitudinal Study of SES and Telomeres in Costa Rica
  • Hsu, Ming.   Neural Mechanisms underlying Strategic Learning
  • Wilmoth, John.  Mortality Estimation for Sub-Saharan African Populations


  • Della Vigna, Stefano; Ackland, Dan.  Do People Predict Habit formation?
  • Fischer, Claude.  Changes in Social Networks over the Later Life Cycle
  • Ligon, Ethan.  Sharing in Networks:  Individuals or Households?
  • Miller, Doug (UC Davis); Page; Stevens.  Are Recessions Really Good for your Health?  Understanding Procyclical Mortality
  • Willer, Robb.  Genetic Bases of Pro-social Behavior in Humans


  • Aaker, Jennifer.  Time and Life
  • Dow, Will. A comparative study of neuroendocrine biomarkers, social relations, and the costs of cumulative stress in Costa Rica and Taiwan
  • Dow, Will. Costa Rican Census Mortality Linkage
  • Ivry, Rich; Spencer, Rebecca.  The benefit of sleep on reward-based learning of gains and losses in older adults
  • Kariv, Shachar.  Recovering Distributional Preferences
  • Malmendier, Ulrike.  Lifetime Experiences and Household Financial Decision-Making
  • Wang, Constance; Jamison, Julian; Johnson, Sara.  Lifecourse Dynamics and Population Health: Biological Stress-Reactivity, Cognitive Styles, and Health-Related Decision Making


  • Carey, James.  A High-Throughput Life Table Screening System for Prolongevity Interventions Using the Tephritid Fruit Fly
  • Della Vigna, Stefano. Impact of Population Aging on Investor and Managerial Decisions
  • Satariano, Bill.  Environmental Correlates of Disabilities in an Older Population


  • Chay, Kenneth.  Early Life Influences on Later Life / Health Outcomes in the US, by Race and Gender
  • Gersten, Omer.  Neuroendocrine Biomarkers, Social Relations, and the Costs of Cumulative Stress in Taiwan
  • Levine, David.  Designing a Rigorous Evaluation of the GRET Insurance Program in Cambodia.


  • Card, David.  Delayed Health Care Among the Near-Elderly
  • Carey, James.  Morbidity Dynamics and the Disablement Process in Fruit Flies
  • Davidoff, Tom. Medicaid Eligibility Rules, Home Equity and Mobility
  • DellaVigna, Stefano.  Research Group in Experimental and Behavioral Economics of Aging
  • Goldstein, Joshua (Harvard).  Biological Clocks for Men?
  • Jones, Jamie (Stanford).  Poverty and Aging in Northern India
  • Levine, David.  Manufacturing Extended Families: The Effects of Rapid Industrialization on Elderly Co-Residence in China
  • Moretti, Enrico.  Documenting and Explaining Changes in the Intergenerational Transmission of Longevity in the Very Long Run
  • Orzack, Steven; Stubblefield, Bill; Norberg, Karen.  Sex Allocation in Age- and Sex-Structured Populations with Intergenerational Transfers
  • Tuljapurkar, Shripad (Stanford).  Demography of Gene Expression: Models and Hypothesis


  • Hout, Mike. IPUMS / LFP modelling of elderly, with gender, education
  • Jones, Chad.  Medicare Modeling funding /Why Have Health Expenditures as a Share of GDP Risen by So Much?
  • Levine, David.  Age diversity effects on turn-over in retail establishments
  • Li, Nan.  Measuring Disability Risk
  • Miguel, Ted.  Economic Influences on the Mortality of Elderly Women in Tanzania
  • Miller. South African pension program and effects on elderly
  • Tuljapurkar, Shripad; Orzack, Steven.  Demographic Aspects of the Genome. 
  • Wilmoth, John.  Measuring the Impact of Assisted Reproduction (ART) on Fertility Levels in the United States


  • Card, David.  Research on Universal Health Insurance on Older Adults 
  • Caswell-Chen, E.P.  Aging in the Wild:  Caenorhabditis Elegans
  • DellaVigna, Stefano.  Demographic Changes and the Stock Market
  • Page, Robert; Ruppell, Olav.  Senescence and Biodemography of the Honey Bee
  • Tuljapurkar, Shripad; Orzack, Steven.  Biodemography of the Life Cycle
  • Tuljapurkar, Shripad; Orzack, Steven.  Molecular Biodemography in an Aging Medfly Cohort
  • Tuljapurkar, Shripad; Orzack, Steven.  Kinship resources and survival of the elderly in premodern societies
  • Wachter, Kenneth.  Lifecourse Impacts of AIDS on Zimbabwe's Elderly


  • Carey, James; Cargill, Shelley; Muller, Hans-Georg; Anderson, Gary.   Young Ovaries Postpone Aging on Older Ovariectomized Mice
  • Chay, Kenneth; Almond, Doug.  Effects of Environmental Conditions on Health Status in Later Life
  • Miguel, Ted.  Industrialization, Social Capital and Aging in Indonesia 1985-1997
  • Gertler, Paul; Rideout Jeffrey. A Controlled Randomized Trial of the Effect of Information Technology on the Health of Individuals with Chronic Disease.
  • Tuljapurkar, Shripad; Lee, (Ron?).  Generating Stochastic forecasts of long-term finances of Social Security using a web-based program


  • Anderson, Robert.  Evaluation and Disaggregation of LC Model of Mortality
  • Catalano, Ray.  Economic Antecedents of Longevity Among Elderly Swedes, 1861-1999
  • Quigley, John.  Hedging Housing Risk over the Life Cycle


  • Barde, Robert; Hammel.  MiDAS Project Tech. Advisory Grp and INS
  • Carey, James.  Rejuvenation of Reproductively-Arrested Older Mice
  • Carroll, Glen.  Human Aging and the Demography of Corporations and Industries
  • Chay, Ken.  Impact of Environmental Factors on Morbidity and Mortality among the Elderly
  • Hammel, Eugene.  Support Networks and Demographic Responses: a mathematical programming approach
  • Lee; Kramer.  Intergenerational transfers among the Maya of Yucatan
  • Tuljapurkar, Shripad.  Do Education Differentials Explain Mortality Change?
  • Wachter, Kenneth.  AIDS and the Elderly in Thailand, Projecting Familial Impacts
  • Wilmoth, John.  Measurement of Mortality Differentials for the US


  • Gertler, Paul. Medicare Payment Policies: Saving Money and Shifting Risk 
  • Gertler, Paul; Lee.  Financing Health Care After the Demographic Transition
  • Tuljapurkar, Shripad.  Stochastic Dynamics of Population
  • Wachtler, Kenneth.  Multivariate Indices of Short-term Risk of Death, Heart Failure, and Stroke in Elderly Persons


  • Auerbach, Alan. Generational Accounting
  • Carter, Susan.  Racial Differences in Male Self-Employment and Retirement in the United States, 1900-1990
  • Eissa, Nada.  Labor Market Participation of Married Women and Social Security
  • Hammel, Eugene; Wachter, Kenneth.  Intrafamilial Transfers in the Context of Changing Institutional Transfer Systems


  • Sutch, Richard; Carter, Susan.  Aging Module of New, Revised Edition of Historical Statistics of the United States


  • Banks, Dwayne.  Income Inequality, Family Networks, and the Choice of Care Givers
  • Keeler, Ted.  Hospital Rates and Regulation: Do Medicare Patients Pay their Way?
  • Sutch, Richard.  The Economics Status of the Elderly, 1850-1940
  • Tuljapurkar, Shripad.  When is Age not Enough?