NIH Funding

Promoting innovative population research through external funding is an important part of the missions of CEDA and BPC.  Facilitating grants from NIH, particularly from NIA and NICHD, is our top priority. This page serves as a guide to resources for understanding the basics of NIH grantsmanaship, with links to key NIH information as well as sets of instructions we have created to help navigate the IRB process on campus, completion of essential forms, etc.  

NIH Links

NIH Office of Extramural Research The starting place for learning about grants

Outline of types of grants available (R01, R03, etc.)

Parent announcements for unsolicited applications That is, the starting place for grants when not responding to a specific program or announcement. These are known as unsolicited or investigator-initiated proposals.

Standard dates  Grant applications typically follow a set of standard dates for submission deadline, but always read the announcement carefully for deadlines, including whether a Letter of Intent (LOI) is required.

Glossary of terms

An Insider's Guide to Peer Review for Applicants

Research areas supported by NICHD's Population Dynamics Branch (PDB)

Interested in applying for an NIH? You will want to contact the correct program officer for consideration of your idea. They like emails. If you are interested in applying for funding, please send the program officer a 1-page description of your proposed project including (1) the name of the funding announcement/program you are interested in; (2) your research topic and primary research question(s); (3) your theoretical perspective; (4) your specific hypotheses; (5) your methodology and dependent and independent variables; and (6) a timeline.

Our Guides

D-Lab Workshop:  NIH Grant Workshop_12Jan2021.pdf

Condensed step-by-step instructions for filling out NIH SF424 and PHS398 grant forms (2012 - so in need of some updating).

Data security is a big issue. Read the CPHS guidelines and use their exact phrasing because the reviewers are looking for that language. If you make a claim, back it up with evidence or a process. They need to know how it will happen and who takes responsibility. Your stellar reputation is not sufficient in this case. If you are a graduate student, it may help to escalate to a supervisor, and the supervisor's supervisor, to get them to approve what is perfectly reasonable social science and behavioral research.

How to Revise an NIH Application

Demystifying NIH Study Review Groups

Introduction to NIH R03 Grants

The American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) provides a useful set of resources on Institutional Review Boards.

eRa Commons: NIH has an electronic registration of Principal Investigator applicants, known as eRA Commons. At Cal you must ask our Office of Sponsored Research to get registered (scroll down on page).

Congressional District Codes are necessary for the applications. Or search by zipcode (and look at the House of Rep's district).