People in Population Sciences at Berkeley

High-calibre research is conducted on campus by established faculty researchers and postdoctoral scholars, supported by research programs within our Schools, Colleges, and Centers. Almost one hundred faculty and researchers from a range of academic disciplines are engaged in population research at UC Berkeley. Search researchers below by Center Affiliation, Research Theme, or Academic Department.

Agricultural & Resource Economics
Michael Anderson Agricultural & Resource Economics
Keywords: environmental economics, health economics, applied econometrics, transportation
Ethan Ligon Agricultural & Resource Economics
Keywords: applied econometrics, development economics, household allocations
Magali Barbieri Demography
Keywords: mortality, formal demography
Carl Boe Demography
Keywords: mortality, formal demography, biodemography
Gretchen Donehower Gretchen Donehower Demography
Keywords: microsimulation, intergenerational transfers, time-use
Dennis Feehan Demography
Keywords: sampling, mortality, migration, computational social science
Joshua Goldstein Demography
Keywords: fertility, population aging, social demography, formal demography
Eugene Hammel Demography
Keywords: statistical and formal analysis, stratification, historical demography, microsimulation, anthropological demography
Leora Lawton Demography
Keywords: family demography, intergenerational relationships, social networks
Ronald Lee Ronald Lee Demography
Keywords: mathematical demography, intergenerational transfers, economic demography
Kenneth Wachter Kenneth W. Wachter Demography
Keywords: historical demography, mathematical demography
Alan Auerbach Economics
Keywords: domestic and international tax policy; fiscal policy and demographic change; inequality and tax policy
David Card Economics
Keywords: economics, labor, welfare, affirmative action, minimum wages, race, uninsured, employment training
Stefano DellaVigna Economics
Keywords: behavioral economics, experimental design
Ben Handel Ben Handel Economics
Keywords: Health Insurance Markets, Decision-Making Under Uncertainty, Health Care Provision
Shachar Kariv Economics
Keywords: Social networks, social learning, personal and social preferences
Ulrike M. Malmendier Economics
Keywords: Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, Behavioral Economics, Economics of Organizations, Contract Theory, Law & Finance, Economics Of Institutions, Economics And Psychology
Daniel McFadden Daniel McFadden Economics
Keywords: Economics of aging: savings behavior, demographic trends, housing mobility, dynamics of health and mortality; consumer demand analysis using psychometric data; simulation methods in econometrics
Edward Miguel Economics
Keywords: African economic development, including work on the economic causes and consequences of violence; the impact of ethnic divisions on local collective action; and interactions between health, education, and productivity for the poor.
Enrico Moretti Enrico Moretti Economics
Keywords: labor and urban economics, wage inequality, local labor markets, cities
Emmanuel Saez Emmanuel Saez Economics
Keywords: income and wealth inequality
External Affiliates
Leontine Alkema External Affiliates
Keywords: Bayesian inference; Statistical demography, Family planning, Global health, child and maternal mortality, HIV/AIDS, Fertility, Population projections, Urbanization, Poverty measurement.
James Carey External Affiliates
Keywords: longevity, biodemography
Eileen Crimmins Eileen Crimmins External Affiliates
Keywords: health and mortality; demography of older populations; socioeconomic differences in health; biological risk
Ryan Edwards Ryan Edwards External Affiliates
Keywords: economics of aging and health, macroeconomics, public finance, economic demography, national security, immigration
Andrew Mason External Affiliates
Keywords: Population economics, macroeconomics, economic growth, intergenerational transfers
Luis Rosero-Bixby External Affiliates
Keywords: longevity, fiscal impacts of aging, health in Latin America
David Steinsaltz External Affiliates
Keywords: Stochastic processes, biodemography, mathematical biology
Shripad Tuljapurkar External Affiliates
Keywords: stochastic dynamics of populations, senescence, aging and fiscal balance
John R. Wilmoth External Affiliates
Keywords: morbidity and mortality, life expectancy, life span, forecasting, comparative studies, parametric models
Emilio Zagheni External Affiliates
Keywords: Big data, migration, mathematical demography
Haas School of Business
Paul Gertler Haas School of Business
Keywords: health economics, impact evaluation, development economics
Ming Hsi Ming Hsu Haas School of Business
Keywords: Cognitive Neuroscience, neural basis of economic and consumer decision-making
Jonathan Kolstad Jonathan Kolstad Haas School of Business
Keywords: health economics, applied microeconomics
David Levine David Levine Haas School of Business
Keywords: Economic decision-making and environmentally safe and sustainable behaviors, such as adoption of cookstoves, safe water methods
Don Moore Haas School of Business
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Judith Campisi Judith Campisi Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Richard Ivry Richard Ivry Psychology
Public Health
Ralph Catalano Public Health
Keywords: economics, health care, jobs, labor, unemployment on health, mortality
Will Dow William Dow Public Health
Keywords: health economics, global health, economic demography, health policy
Darlene Francis Darlene Francis Public Health
Keywords: biological basis of health disparities, stress
Barbara Laraia Barbara Laraia Public Health
Keywords: Household food insecurity, Food and social environment, Health disparities, Perinatal Epi, Obesity, Diabetes, Dietary assessment methods
Lee Riley Public Health
Keywords: Field epidemiology, international health, slum health, Molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis
Public Policy
Daniel Acland Public Policy
Keywords: Benefit-Cost Analysis, Behavioral Economics, Behavior Change, Public Health
Hilary Hoynes Hilary Hoynes Public Policy
Keywords: Tax Policy, Labor and Employment, Poverty & Inequality, Children, Youth and Families, Government
Rucker Johnson Public Policy
Keywords: health disparities, intergenerational mobility
Jane Mauldon Jane Mauldon Public Policy
Keywords: Demography, Children, Youth & Families, Program Evaluation, Race & Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods, Social Welfare, Health, Poverty
Claude Fischer Sociology
Keywords: Personal networks, social history, social psychology, urban, technology

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