The Sixth Annual Workshop on Formal Demography will be held on June 8--12, 2020, at the UC Berkeley Campus.   Funded by NICHD R25HD083136 and co-sponsored by the Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging (CEDA) and the Berkeley Population Center, this annual workshop will diverge someone from previous workshops. It is solely on using Bayesian Methods in Formal Demography, and will be taught by Professor Carl Schmertmann, Florida State University. The description of this course is:.

•This workshop aims to provide a hands-on introduction to Bayesian modeling in demography, with applications to small area estimation, forecasting, and combining disparate data sources. We will use R, primarily with the Stan programming language.

•The workshop is designed for advanced graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, junior faculty, and others wanting to learn about new approaches to demographic modeling using Bayesian methods.

•No previous knowledge of Bayesian approaches is needed, but a good command of classical statistical methods will be useful. No previous knowledge of Stan or other Bayesian modeling languages is needed. We will assume some experience with R.  

•The application is due March 2, 2020..

We encourage you to download the Flyer for the 2020 Workshop in Bayesian Methods and distribute to interested parties.

•For any questions, please write to Dr. Leora Lawton, Executive Director, Berkeley Population Center,