The Demography Department can assist Center affiliates and their GSRs with statistical analysis of data, and makes available the Department's computing facilities.  Training and support for using R and other software, statistical methodology, and data sets are provided by the Demography Department, as well as DLab, the Data Collaboratory.

Other Demography Department computing tools of value to population research:

LCFIT: The Lee-Carter Fitter for Mortality Forecasting  This website permits users to construct their own mortality forecasts using the Lee-Carter method and extensions of it, using their own data or by importing data from the Human Mortality Database (HMD).

SOCSIM: Microsimulation Environment SOCSIM has been a flagstone research tool for the Department of Demography and has increased in scope and sophistication over its original implementation over 30 years ago.

Demography Tools Initiative  A new tools initiative begins with HMD/HFD+, a set of small tools written in R to aid researchers using the mortality and fertility databases of the Human Mortality Database (HMD) and the Human Fertility Database (HFD).