Poster Sessions

Templates and Instructions for Poster Sessions

While the content of your research is of primary importance, it also has to be accessible and clearly presented. Here we provide templates and guidelines for PowerPoint presentations and posters to be used in conferences and other public presentations of your work. The templates can be easily modified for those who are skillful with PowerPoint, if desired. We welcome new material and suggestions.

Templates and Guidelines

Other Resources

Poster Printing

  • Ink Stone (on Bowditch between Durant and Bancroft; up a flight of stairs) has prices that rival the Berkeley Scientific Visualization Center and is the cheapest commercial option anywhere near campus. This is where most of the architecture students go for professional prints, FYI. I've found them to be handy because they can generally complete a job the same day without advance notice. (510-843-1162; 2302 Bowditch St Berkeley, CA 94704)

  • Copy Central and Kinko's charge about $100/poster, or $8/square foot, color. It may be more for glossy paper.